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Orlando, FL operates this Sutphen/SVI Hazmat Unit.

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Recent Updates:

1/1 - Updated: Reedy Creek (Walt Disney World) FR, Austin FD

11/12- Added: Cal Fire, Navy Region Southwest FD, San Diego County Hazmat, San Diego County FD, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Montebello FD

11/7 - Added: LSU-FETI & Baton Rouge FD, Duanesburg FD, Quaker Street FD, Delanson FD, Plotterkill FD, Mariaville FD
Updated: Latham FD, Stanford Heights FD, Beukendaal FD, Schenectady FD, Thomas Corners FD, Pattersonville FD

10/2 - Updated: Medusa FD, Tri-Village FD

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